Irving Ave. N. sanitary sewer replacement

The City will replace 2010 feet of sanitary sewer in two phases. This will improve sanitary flow and reduce groundwater infiltration into the sewer.

Key information


2020 - 2022


Irving Ave. N. from Currie Ave. W. through Bryn Mawr Meadows park to Laurel Ave. W. and Morgan Ave. S.

Bryn Mawr

Project overview

The original part of the sanitary sewer was built along Irving Ave. N. in 1905. Over the years, poor soils have caused the sewer to settle leading to repairs on parts of it. We will construct the new sewer on a deeper foundation to reduce the need for future maintenance.

The new sanitary sewer will:
  • Be parallel to the existing sewer
  • Improve sanitary flow and reduce groundwater infiltration into the sewer
  • Provide capacity for planned development in the area

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Traffic impacts

Traffic impacts will include the closure of Irving Ave N between Currie Ave and Bassett Creek with access provided for local business. The Luce Line bike trail will also be detoured within Bryn Mawr Meadows park for a portion of the project.

There will be noise and vibration caused by the need for the sewer to have stronger support. We will be using piling, which is a type of structural support.

Project timeline

Construction will occur in two phases:
  • Phase one along Irving Ave. N. began on January 4, 2021 and will last about 18 months.
  • Phase two construction will be along Bryn Mawr Meadows park to Laurel Ave. W. and Morgan Ave S. The project schedule is in the planning phase.

Project phase

This project is in the in progress phase.



In Progress


Rocks in emptied Bassett Creek at sewer construction site
Pile-driving equipment outside on construction site
Large pipes sticking out of ground in Bassett Creek

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