Humboldt Ave S sewer replacement

The City will replace 535 feet of the existing storm sewer pipe in the area.

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East Isles Sewer Improvements project

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Humboldt Ave S from The Mall to south of W. 28th St

Lowry Hill

Project overview

We'll replace 535 feet of the existing storm sewer pipe with a larger diameter pipe to better convey stormwater from the area.

We'll also add inlets to:

  • reduce flooding at the low point of the street

To fit the larger storm pipe, we'll:

  • shift 555 feet of watermain to the west
  • replace 405 feet of the 114-year old sanitary sewer with new pipe

Our work will be part of a larger project that the Metropolitan Council manages:

The East Isles Sewer Improvements project will construct sanitary force mains between The Mall and W. 27th St. Timing the two projects together will reduce impact to area residents.

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Traffic impacts

During storm sewer project construction between The Mall and W. 27th St:

  • Humboldt Ave will be closed to through traffic and only open to local traffic
  • Part of the road within The Mall will also be closed.
  • Traffic will be detoured around the construction area.

The Midtown Greenway will remain open with a short bypass around the construction.

Other roads may be closed and detoured as the Metropolitan Council completes the rest of their sanitary force main project.

For more details on traffic impacts:

See the Metropolitan Council's East Isles Sewer Improvement project page

Project phase

This project is complete. 



In Progress


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