Hennepin downtown reconstruction

The City will reconstruct Hennepin Ave. in downtown Minneapolis between Washington Ave. and 12th St. S.

Key information


2019 to 2021


Hennepin Ave. from Washington Ave. to 12th St. S.

Downtown West

Project overview

We will redesign and reconstruct Hennepin Ave. between Washington Ave. and 12th St., including repairing underground utilities and doing some construction on the cross streets at each intersection. We plan to create a vision for the entire corridor from the Mississippi River to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

The reconstructed Hennepin Avenue will continue to accommodate all travel types within the existing right of way:

  • A sidewalk area will support pedestrian activities with space for planting and furnishing zones.
  • One-way bikeways will be installed behind the curb.
  • We'll create space for enhanced transit stops compatible with the future Arterial Bus Rapid Transit service.
  • There will generally be four vehicle lanes, with Hennepin Ave. remaining a two-way street.

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Hennepin Downtown website

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Project phase

This project is in progress.



In Progress


Hennepin downtown reconstruction location
Hennepin Avenue reconstruction bike path
Protected bikeway
Hennepin Avenue in summertime
Space for planting and furniture

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