Cedar Lake Road bridge replacement

The City will replace the Cedar Lake Road bridge over the BNSF railroad in the Bryn–Mawr neighborhood.

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Cedar Lake Road bridge from Morgan Ave. S. to north terminus of bridge

Bryn Mawr Near-North

Project overview

The temporary repairs are complete and the bridge is now open for cars. The bridge will have one traffic lane in each direction. The sidewalk is closed, so people walking should use the paths on both sides with barriers to keep them safe. The City still plans to replace the Cedar Lake Road bridge in 2027.

In 2027, the City will replace the Cedar Lake Road bridge over the BNSF railroad in the Bryn–Mawr neighborhood.

The bridge over the BNSF railroad is a seven span timber beam bridge built in 1941. The bridge is 142 feet long and 51 feet wide. The Cedar Lake Road bridge is rated as "fair", so it's time to replace the entire bridge. 

This project will replace the Cedar Lake Road Bridge (MSA route 406) which crosses the BNSF railroad tracks. This bridge replacement will include transportation infrastructure for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. We're going to use the advice given in the Transportation Action Plan and Street Design Guide for this project.

Project goals

  • Make it easier and safer for people to walk around
  • Make it easier for bikes to move around
  • Keep the ability for vehicles to get through
  • Coordinate project with agency partner plans and projects (MPRB and BNSF Rail)

Designing a complete street

This planned bridge replacement is an opportunity to improve aging infrastructure and design a more people friendly street.

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Existing conditions

Estimated number of daily users

  • Pedestrians: 460*
  • Bicycles: 160*
  • Motor vehicles: 1,500

*2017 data obtained from Cedar Lake Road South, east of Penn Avenue South (0.2 miles from project location)

Reported crashes

There have been no reported crashes within the project area in the last ten years.

Source: MnDOT 2021

Past meetings

Public Meeting #2 – Cedar Lake Road Bridge open house

We held an in-person meeting on April 11, 2024 to further discuss the project. 


Public Meeting #1 – virtual open house

We held a virtual meeting on October 26, 2021 to introduce the project. 

Project timeline

2024: Planning

2025: Design

2027: Construction

Project phase

This project is currently in the input phase.



In Progress


View of pavement on Cedar Lake Road bridge
View of guard rail on Cedar Lake Road bridge
View of pavement and sidewalk on Cedar Lake Road bridge

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Abdullahi Abukar

Transportation Engineer
Public Works