Bryant Ave. S. reconstruction

The City reconstructed Bryant Ave. S. from Lake St. to 50th St. W.

Key information


2020 - 2023


Bryant Ave. S. from Lake St. to 50th St. W.

East Harriet Lynnhurst South Uptown

Project overview

Project goals:

  • Improve pedestrian safety and access
  • Create an All Ages and Abilities bicycle connection in the area
  • Support existing and future transit service in the area
  • Go green to collect and treat stormwater runoff
  • Accommodate business deliveries and customer access

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City and community presentations - 2023

Bryant Ave S design modification informational meeting - April 20, 2023


Public Works and Infrastructure Committee - April 20, 2023


Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committees – April 20, 2023

Pedestrian Advisory Committee - Infrastructure and Engineering Subcommittee – April 20, 2023

Bicycle Advisory Committee – April 26, 2023


City Council-approved concept design

The Minneapolis City Council adopted the Public Works Recommended concept designs for Bryant Ave. S. and Lyndale Ave. S. on August 20, 2021. Mayor Frey approved the concept designs on August 23, 2021. Public Works staff will now begin working on detailed designs for the one-way recommended design for Bryant Ave. S and for pedestrian and transit improvements to Lyndale Ave. S.

Learn about the adopted concept designs

What we've heard

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback and ideas during the concept design phase of this project. We have summarized the themes we’ve heard in a report. You can also view public comments submitted to the City Council.

Project phase

This project is substantially complete, with some additional project work remaining.



In Progress


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