Bridge 9 improvements

The City of Minneapolis will begin repairs on Bridge 9 in downtown Minneapolis.

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Program overview

The Bridge 9 program is a multi-year program aimed to address the Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge issues. We've prioritized important bridge rehabilitation needs in this program and phased them for repair in the coming years.

Background of the bridge

The Northern Pacific Railroad constructed Bridge No. 9 in 1922. They build it to carry freight over the Mississippi River.

The City of Minneapolis acquired this bridge in 1986 and converted it to a pedestrian use bridge in 1999. The bridge currently provides a Mississippi River crossing for the Dinkytown Greenway bike trail. Over the years the bridge has deteriorated and currently needs repairs. To preserve the historic resource of the bridge, the City has chosen a repair/rehabilitation program.

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Traffic impacts

West River Pkwy. and the Bluff St. Trail

  • Dinkytown bike trail that runs over Bridge 9 is not impacted by the current (2022) construction work.
  • During 2022 construction season the sidewalk which runs under the bridge along West River Parkway will be closed. Pedestrians will be detoured on the adjacent bike trail. The bike trail will be shared by pedestrians and bicyclists for the 2022 construction season.
  • West River Parkway road would be minimally impacted by the project. There would be potential lane closures at times. This would be due to deliveries of materials and equipment for the project.
  • During closures appropriate traffic control will be placed and flaggers will be present to properly manage all traffic in the project area.

Project phase

This is an annual program.

  • 2022 Construction Season is focused on Rehabilitation of Pier 5 which is located on the west bank of the river.
  • Mobilization for 2022 Construction started on May 16, 2022.
  • The contractor for this project is Meyer Contracting.
  • Beginning in 2023 University of Minnesota will continue its Steam Line Relocation project in the same area (west bank of the river). This project is managed by University of Minnesota.



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Petru Vizoli

Project Engineer
Public Works