Blue Line Extension Light Rail Transit project

We describe the METRO Blue Line Extension Light Rail Transit (LRT) project.

Key information




North Minneapolis, Robbinsdale, Crystal, and Brooklyn Park


Project overview

This project will extend the current Blue Line LRT. The proposed route will travel from Target Field Station to Brooklyn Park.

The project will:

  • Connect people to new opportunities and destinations.
  • Provide better transit service by lowering travel times.
  • Commerce and service areas near the line will now have easier access via transit
  • Provide better access to education and employment opportunities on transit routes.
  • Support the City's mode shift goals. See strategy 6 from the Transportation Action Plan

Project partners will also address related issues, including:

  • Housing
  • Economic development
  • Land use planning
  • Displacement

Route details

The extended Blue Line LRT route will travel north from Target Field station, through North Minneapolis up to Brooklyn Park. Target Field station connects to three lines in Downtown Minneapolis:

  • Green Line to St. Paul
  • Northstar Commuter Rail Line
  • Hiawatha Corridor to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and Mall of America

Original plan and route modifications


In 2012, an original plan for this project used the BNSF rail corridor. This corridor travels through Crystal, Robbinsdale, and Wirth Park in Golden Valley.


In 2020, Hennepin County announced that the railroad company said no to construction of the LRT Extension on its property. Project partners started the process to determine a route for the Blue Line without using railroad property.


After looking at many options, the Metropolitan Council recommended a route change. This new route does not go through railroad property and was recommended in June 2022:

See the BLRT Route map.

  • Brooklyn Park, Crystal and Robbinsdale: From Oak Grove Parkway to 73rd Avenue
    • Stations at:
      • Oak Grove
      • 93rd Avenue
      • 85th Avenue
      • Brooklyn Boulevard
  • Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81): From 73rd Avenue to West Broadway Avenue
    • Stations at:
      • 63rd Avenue in Crystal
      • Bass Lake Road in Crystal
      • Downtown Robbinsdale
      • Robbinsdale North Memorial Hospital
  • Connecting to North Minneapolis

Many options including:

    • An option on 21st Avenue North from Irving Avenue, or
    • A connection along West Broadway Avenue.
  • Connecting to Target Field in Downtown Minneapolis

Options including but not limited to Lyndale Avenue or Washington Avenue North.


Community input on new connections

Between June 2022 and June 2023, the Metropolitan Council, Hennepin County, and the City of Minneapolis will work together to choose a community-supported route for the LRT extension. This extension will connect North Minneapolis to Downtown Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park by going through Robbinsdale and Crystal. The team working on this project will check how it affects the environment in different routes.

View the BLRT route map

It's important for people who live, work, or use public transportation around the project areas to participate and get involved. The team will ask for people's opinions, experiences, and comments in different ways. By participating, you’ll have a say in the final decision. This includes things like surveys and meetings. You can share your thoughts and ideas by attending an open house or virtual meeting or adding your comments on the Public Coordinate Map.

Ways to participate and provide input

Project phase

This project is currently in design.



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