ARPA neighborhood traffic circles

The City is installing 17 traffic circles to support traffic safety in 2022. This is an American Rescue Plan Act project.

ARPA traffic circles

Program overview

The City is installing 17 traffic circles at neighborhood street intersections. Traffic circles are a proven traffic calming and safety improvement for neighborhood streets.

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ARPA traffic circles

We'll install traffic circles at these 17 intersections: (view a map of planned locations)

  • 14th Av N Girard Av N                      
  • 29th Av N Colfax Av N                      
  • 30th Av N Queen Av N
  • 33rd Av N Bryant Av N                     
  • 33rd Av N Colfax Av N                      
  • 33rd Av N James Av N                      
  • 34th Av N Dupont Av N                    
  • 34th Av N Oliver Av N        
  • 35th Av N Girard Av N       
  • 35th Av N 4th St N                            
  • 36th Av N Aldrich Av N                    
  • 36th Av N Colfax Av N                      
  • 36th Av N Morgan Av N                   
  • 37th Av N Bryant Av N                                               
  • 25th St E 10th Av S                          
  • 25th St E 12th Av S                          
  • 32nd St E 3rd Av S

We selected locations based on traffic crash analysis and feasibility. We selected one location in coordination with a Safe Routes to School project.

The traffic circles are funded by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Phase 1.

The intersection of 21st St E and 10th Av S was previously identified as a proposed traffic circle location. This location had to be removed from the list as we learned upon final inspection that it was not feasible to install a traffic circle at this location. The intersection of 33rd Av N and Bryant Av N was added to the list to replace it.

Installation timing and details

The traffic circles will be installed between May and July. Construction at each location will take approximately two weeks. The intersection will be closed during construction. Access to nearby properties will remain. Residents who live near a traffic circle location will receive a letter approximately a week before construction begins with the details of the construction timing.

The traffic circles will include plants in the middle. The plants will be installed at some point later this year.

Project phase

This project is in the in progress phase.



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