Alley renovation program

Every year the City renovates the pavement of five to 10 alleys in Minneapolis.

Program overview

The City monitors city alleys and renovates the pavement as needed by laying new asphalt.

This provides

  • A high-quality alley surface
  • Good alley drainage
  • Prevents bigger, more expensive repairs down the road


Program status

The City’s alley resurfacing program is currently on hiatus for a few years as part of the Proposed Capital Improvement Plan.  Public Works greatly values these programs and understands that our alleys serve an important purpose for the residents of the City.  Putting these programs on hiatus is not a preferred option but was necessary in order to balance the proposed Capital Improvement Plan. 


Alley Resurfacing stage 1 removing asphalt
Asphalt removed
Alley Resurfacing 2 new asphalt
Laying new asphalt
Alley Resurfacing 3 paving

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Hazel Wolf

Supervisor Engineering Technician
Public Works



Larry Matsumoto

Professional Engineer
Public Works