Alley renovation program

Every year the City renovates the pavement of five to 10 alleys in Minneapolis.

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Program overview

The City monitors city alleys and renovates the pavement as needed by laying new asphalt.

This provides

  • A high-quality alley surface
  • Good alley drainage
  • Prevents bigger, more expensive repairs down the road

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2021 project locations

View the program resources to see the alleys planned for this year's program.

2021 alley renovation program map

2021 alley renovation book

2021 alley renovation schedule

Traffic impacts

We'll close alleys to traffic during renovation.

Notice to residents

  • We'll notify affected residents in advance by hand-delivering letters.
  • The letters will include the date and nature of the work.
  • We'll also try to notify residents with our automated calling system.

Your trash and recycling pickups will not be affected.

The renovation process

Alley renovation work may take up to three days. These days are generally not consecutive.

First workday – If the alley has an existing asphalt surface, we grind off the top 2 inches. (If the alley has a concrete surface, we skip this step.) We then clean and sweep the surface.

Second workday – We place new asphalt over the existing pavement.

Third workday – In the following calendar year, we'll seal coat the alley to protect it and help the asphalt last longer. Seal coating involves laying down asphalt oil and spreading granite chips over it, then rolling the surface with compaction equipment. After a few days, we sweep away any excess chips.

Project phase

2021 work is scheduled to begin late in August 2021.



In Progress


Alley Resurfacing stage 1 removing asphalt
Asphalt removed
Alley Resurfacing 2 new asphalt
Laying new asphalt
Alley Resurfacing 3 paving

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