46th Ave. S. and 57th St. E. sanitary sewer improvement

The City will complete sanitary sewer work at 46th Ave. S. and 57th St. E.

Key information


Fall 2021


46th Ave. S. and 57th St. E.

Morris Park

Project overview

The City will replace the sanitary sewer pipe at 46th Ave. S. and 57th St. E., which was installed in 1946. We’ll replace about 500 feet of 9-inch clay pipe. We'll make these improvements before we start our South Minnehaha resurfacing project.

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Traffic impacts

We expect there to be a minimal impact on traffic.

The following temporary traffic impacts may occur:

  • Detours
  • Lane restrictions
  • Intersection reductions
  • Parking restrictions
  • Revised pedestrian and bicycle routes

Residents, businesses and visitors may experience:

  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Dust in work areas

You’ll be able to access property throughout construction.


Project phase

This project is currently in design.



In Progress


Interior view of Sanitary Pipe at 46th Ave. It has a low point and is full of material.
Interior of pipe with a low point and filled with material
Interior view of pipe at 46th Ave S that has a bad fracture.
Interior of pipe with a bad fracture

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