38th Street, 10th Ave S to 23rd Ave S

The City will reconstruct approximately 1.1 miles of 38th St E between 10th Ave S and 23rd Ave S.

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38th St E between 10th Ave S and 23rd Ave S

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Project overview

The proposed project will reconstruct approximately 1.1 miles of 38th St E between 10th Ave S and 23rd Ave S. The street currently has a sidewalk on both sides of the street, two travel lanes, and two parking lanes. There are various medians between 13th and 14th Avenues S. There are several mixed uses for land on this street.
The project is a full reconstruction, which means there will be:
  • new pavement
  • curb and gutter
  • new ADA pedestrian ramps
  • bump outs
  • potentially a bike lane
The project will also include signal improvements, new signs, and new paint, as needed.

Project purpose

This project is intended to improve the right-of-way for all users and modes of travel.  The street was built between 1960 and 1963 and is beyond its expected useful life. Even though some parts of the street were improved in the last ten years, the old road is still causing problems.  The City measured the pavement condition in 2017 and it was rated "good", but it will keep getting worse until the road is rebuilt. This project will make the road better for people who walk, bike, and drive.
This project also gives us a chance to include and improve:

  • ADA compliant curb ramps
  • address sidewalk obstructions
  • add new pedestrian-scaled lighting

The City will ask the community for ideas on how to make the road safer for everyone. Through a process that includes:

  • preliminary planning
  • a detailed design
  • community engagement

Around 390 to 520 people walk along this street every day, and 70 to 230 people ride bikes. There are also between 6,250 and 8,900 people who drive on this street each day.  The city has a plan called Vision Zero that has identified this road as a High Injury Street. To help get rid of traffic crashes that result in severe injuries and deaths, we are prioritizing this street for changes. 

Project phase

The project is currently in the input phase.



In Progress


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Katie White

Senior Transportation Planner
Public Works