2nd St. and 3rd Ave. NE pedestrian improvements

The City will improve the 2nd St. & 3rd Ave. NE intersection to make it safer for pedestrians.

Key information




Intersection of 2nd St. and 3rd Ave. NE.

St. Anthony West

Project overview

In 2021, the City made permanent safety improvements to the intersection of 2nd St. NE. and 3rd Ave. NE.

New medians

We added medians on 2nd St. In 2017, we tested the new medians by adding temporary bollards and yellow striping to 2nd St.

These medians help improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists by:

  • Narrowing vehicle travel lane widths
  • Reduce vehicle travel speeds
  • Preventing vehicles from illegally passing buses while passengers board and off-board (alight)
  • Preventing vehicles from illegally passing turning vehicles
  • Providing a visual cue that care should be taken on approach and within the intersection
  • Providing a pedestrian refuge area within the crosswalk

Project goals

Our goal was to improve safety at the intersection.

  • Reduce vehicular travel speeds
  • Increase safety for all users
  • Build ADA compliant curb ramps
  • Implement green infrastructure

View the 2nd St. & 3rd Ave. NE. project design layout

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Traffic impacts

The intersection of 2nd St. NE. and 3rd Ave. NE. was closed to traffic during construction and detoured to nearby streets. The bus was also detoured. 

Project timeline

Late summer - Fall 2020: Staff will collect data and ask for community input

Fall - Early Winter 2020: Staff will provide a design recommendation

August 2021: Project construction

October 2021: Imaging and painting by contractors

Project phase

This project is complete. We began work the week of August 9 and completed it on October 15, 2021.



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Kristian Zimmerman

Associate Transportation Planner
Public Works