29th St W - Phase 2

The City will reconstruct 29th St W - Fremont Ave S to Emerson Ave S & Dupont Ave to Colfax Ave S

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29th St W (Emerson Ave to Fremont Ave and Dupont Ave to Colfax Ave)

Lowry Hill East

Project overview

This project involves the reconstruction of 29th Street W between Emerson Avenue S and Bryant Avenue S.
The project includes the segment of 29th Street W between Emerson Avenue S and Fremont Avenue S and between Dupont Avenue S and Colfax Ave S . The segment from Emerson Avenue S to Dupont Avenue S has been vacated and is now privately owned.
The project will also include street lighting, new signage and new pavement markings as needed. This project includes the reconstruction of a low-volume, low-speed street abutting the Midtown Greenway.
The reconstruction involves the entire right-of-way and will include:
- new sidewalks,
- ADA pedestrian ramps,
- pavement,
- curb and gutter,
- utility improvements.

Project purpose

This project is intended to improve the right-of-way for all people in all the ways they move around. The segment of 29th Street W was constructed in 1940. The pavement condition along the project extent is rated in very poor condition. According to the City’s Pavement Condition Index (PCI) rating scale, as measured in 2017. This segment of 29th Street W has a pavement surface that is beyond its expected useful life. This project also provides an opportunity for ADA compliant curb ramps and an enhanced pedestrian realm. The corridor abuts the Midtown Greenway. The corridor is a low-volume corridor that serves an estimated 700 people driving per day. It is adjacent to several new high-density housing developments.

Project phase

The project is in the input phase.



In Progress


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Katie White

Senior Transportation Planner
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