17th Ave. NE and Northeast River Ridge area

The City will remove part of the asphalt on the streets in these two areas and overlay each street with a new layer of asphalt.

Key information


Late spring of 2021


17th Ave. NE from University Ave. NE to Monroe St. NE, Northeast River Ridge area, in northeast Minneapolis

Sheridan St. Anthony West

Project overview

In this ongoing street maintenance program, we replace the top layer of asphalt pavement to extend the life of a street between larger reconstructions. The new pavement should last about 10 years.

Other work

There will be some other work done before resurfacing these streets:

  • A minor amount of concrete curb and gutter replacement
  • Some private utility work under the street

Following this work, we will resurface both of the streets.


  • Early May 2021: Resurface River Ridge area
  • Mid-May 2021: Replace concrete curb and gutter on 17th Ave. NE.
  • Mid- to late-May: Resurface 17th Ave. NE.

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Traffic impacts

Both streets will have short-term closures to through traffic and detours during construction. 

Project phase

This project is in the construction phase. Construction is complete in the River Ridge area. Asphalt milling and overlay are scheduled to begin on June 15, 2021 on 17th Ave. NE.



In Progress


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