10th Ave S bridge over Midtown Greenway

The City will improve the condition and safety of the 10th Ave S bridge.

Key information


2025 - 2026 (tentative)


10th Ave S bridge over Midtown Greenway in South Minneapolis

Midtown Phillips

Project overview

  • The 10th Ave S bridge was built in 1913 by the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Saint Paul Railroad. It was constructed to help separate railroad traffic from city streets.

  • The bridge has reinforced concrete deck girder structure, reinforced concrete abutments and piers.

  • Most of the 10th Ave S bridge is in poor condition. The bridge is currently closed for motor vehicles due to structural concerns. The bridge is open to pedestrians and bicyclists. The Greenway below the bridge is open for pedestrians and bicyclists as well.

  • This project will improve the condition of the bridge and safety for users.

Project phase

This project is currently in the input phase.



In Progress


View of the paved bikeway under the bridge
View of the paved path across the bridge
View of the bridge from underneath

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Petru Vizoli

Project Engineer
Public Works