Goals and vision

Learn the goals and vision of the Open Streets initiative.


Open Streets events help the City reach many goals around:

  • Public health
  • Community engagement
  • Active transportation

Our goals are to:

  • Grow community connections
  • City pride and engage the community
  • Celebrate our diverse city
  • Inspire healthy living
  • Stir interest in local business
  • Encourage people to move around


Open Streets Minneapolis was first inspired by other initiatives around the world. However, our version is one-of-a-kind and specific to our city.

It stands apart from Open Streets events in:

  • Different states
  • Other nations
  • World-wide

During Open Streets, our local businesses, artists, and community groups come together to turn the streets into a special space.  It's a place where people can come to enjoy and celebrate our city's diversity and creativity.

You can do this all while:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Rolling

Why it's important to reimagine our streets as places

People who live in cities face many social and economic challenges.  A lack of transportation options makes it hard to get to school, work and run errands.  Most streets today focus on the movement and storage of vehicles, not people.

But we can make our streets more welcoming for people:

  • Walking
  • Rolling
  • Biking

Reimagining streets improves:

  • Public health
  • Social outcomes
  • Job options

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