Mission and vision

We explain the goals and vision of the Open Streets initiative.

Why we transform our streets


Our goals are to:

  • Grow community connections
  • City pride and engage the community
  • Celebrate our diverse city
  • Inspire healthy living
  • Stir interest in local business
  • Encourage people to move around

Why it's important to reimagine our streets as places

In any city, streets are our most fundamental shared public spaces. Streets typically account for 25 percent to over 40 percent of the City's total area. Since the beginning of civilization, people used streets as centers for social and cultural exchange. They've also acted as multiple-use city centers. Today, we have taken for granted the notion that our streets are areas for motor vehicle movement and motor vehicle storage.

The challenges our generations face

We can connect many of our generation’s most pressing challenges to our relationship with streets.

These challenges include:

  • Reduced physical activity
  • Social isolation
  • Degraded air quality
  • A lack of transportation options


These challenges led to inequitable access to

  • Jobs
  • Social services
  • Healthy food
  • Community interaction

Open Streets Minneapolis reminds us that streets don't always have to be this way. We can reimagine our streets as thriving places. Places where people can take advantage of the entire street right-of-way. The initiative allows people to experience their streets in a different way. It create a platform to discussion how we can design our streets in the future.

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