Garden lot details

See what types of lots we lease and for how long. The Homegrown team can help you find a lot.


Lot categories

  • There are six lot categories, A through F.
  •  Lots may fit more than one category.

Length of lease

  • We lease lots for one year and consider renewals.
  • Renewals are based on maximum lease terms.
  • Community gardens are our top priority.


Category Property description Maximum lease term
A Has conditions that pose marketing challenges 1 year

Falls into one of the following categories

  • Is slated for a multifamily housing or business development project, but not needed for site assembly
  • Is being actively marketed for redevelopment
  • Is subject to a pending sale
  • Has exclusive development rights
1 year
*C 4,000 square feet or less and not adjacent to a city-owned property 3 years

Undevelopable due to issues like:

  • Lack of or challenging public utilities
  • Challenging soils or topography
  • Irregular shape
  • Less than 35-foot frontage and no alley access
5 years

Parcels owned by Public Works that are being piloted for gardening

The City may monitor to make sure garden activities don't impede the Public Works function. If garden activities do impede, we may curtail garden activity.

5 years

See E

1 year, with potential to expand to 5 years

* Property may be considered for sale as a permanent community garden.

  • Sale is subject to terms of the Minneapolis Real Estate disposition policy.
  • Property must first be offered to adjacent property owners, if their property is not larger that the average parcel on the block.

Read the City's Real Estate Disposition Policy

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