Purpose and impact

We explain the purpose, approach and community impact of the 3rd Precinct building.

The need for a 3rd Precinct building

Officers from the 3rd Precinct are now operating out of a downtown building. Because of this, people within the precinct’s geographic area do not have the same level of access to public safety services compared to those in other areas of Minneapolis.

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What a police precinct provides

  • 24-hour walk-in access to get public safety aid and referrals for other services
  • Community use of the building space for a variety of needs

A police building based within the community helps to build a connection and community partnership. It also makes it easier for people to access City services.

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Community impact

Benefits of a precinct building in the area

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) supports having a police precinct building within the geographic area it serves. This is whether it's at the previous location at Lake & Minnehaha or the alternative location.

Having a precinct building in the area itself improves:

  • Police presence
  • Partnerships
  • Connection to the community

Police response times 

These are the response times for Priority 1 calls.

Year Precinct location Response time
2018 Lake and Minnehaha 11 minutes, 36 seconds
2019 Lake and Minnehaha 11 minutes, 45 seconds
2020 No data No data
2021 Downtown Minneapolis* 16 minutes, 49 seconds
2022 Downtown Minneapolis* 16 minutes, 45 seconds

*Since January 2021, 3rd Precinct MPD officers have been based out of the City of Lakes building in downtown, Minneapolis.

Priority 1 calls

Priority 1 calls are situations where there’s an imminent threat to either:

  • Personal safety
  • The loss or damage to property
  • Unstable conditions at the scene of the call

Source of response times

This data comes from 911. You can request the full data. 

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Our future vision on policing and community safety

While the future location of the 3rd Precinct centers on the build, it aligns with the greater community safety vision for the City of Minneapolis. That is, to provide a high level of service to Minneapolis residents and visitors. 

The 3rd Precinct build allows the City, including MPD, to:

  • Provide greater accessibility.
  • Create a space where staff can easily connect with community members.

Community safety and police reform is one of the top priorities for Mayor Jacob Frey for the 2023-2024 year. Improving public safety is also a priority of the Strategic Race & Equity Action Plan.

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Police and community partnership

Police precincts are the main day-to-day contact points for community members and the police officers who serve them.

Partnering with Minneapolis communities, we must create a vision for the future of policing in the city. Bringing the 3rd Precinct building back to the area it serves is an important step to this partnership. 

With this 3rd Precinct build, we have an opportunity to construct a precinct building that:

  • Helps carry out police operations in the 3rd Precinct geographic area.
  • Serves the community.
  • Makes partnership easier between 3rd Precinct officers and the people they serve.
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