Location options

We share details about the potential location, building requirements, budget and final decisions.

Third Precinct building location

It has been the City’s practice to have a physical location within each precinct boundary. We do this to provide service close to the community the precinct serves. 

Details about precinct location

Lake and Minnehaha location

Possibly re-establishing precinct at Lake and Minnehaha

The City has not yet decided if we'll establish the Third Precinct at the Lake and Minnehaha location. We’ll hear from community members about re-establishing the precinct at the Lake & Minnehaha location or at another location. We'll then use feedback to help drive decision-making in 2023. 

Other potential location

The City has done research and has identified a possible alternative site for the precinct. The alternative location is 2600 Minnehaha Ave.

Factors we considered

We considered available space to accommodate:

  • Building
  • Parking
  • Site circulation

See the site selection factors

Budget and final decisions

We have yet to determine the budget for reestablishing the 3rd Precinct building. It’ll depend on many factors. Location will be the main factor to cost and budget.

Other factors that may affect cost include:

  • Size
  • Amenities
  • Space needed for non-police staff

If we build at the current location (3000 Minnehaha Ave)

We estimate this may cost between $15 million to $18 million and take 18 months to build. 

If we build at a new location (2600 Minnehaha Ave)

We estimate this may cost between $28 million to $32 million and take three years to build. 

Note: these are current construction estimates as of September 2023.

Final decision-making on relocation

The mayor and City council will make the final decision on the 3rd Precinct location. As a City-owned property, there are certain parts that need council approval.  

More details about the precinct

Precinct zoning, restrictions and design

The building will need to follow:

  • Land use policy
  • Zoning
  • Built form regulations

There are also restrictions on the inside of the building and confidential data access. The precinct must meet this restriction.

What the building may look like

The City has not decided what the building will look like. We’ve made renderings of the two potential locations.  These designs show the two potential locations and what they could look like.

They're meant to help with conversations about potential locations. The renderings are not final designs. Future decisions will inform the final building design.  

View 3rd precinct building renderings

Examples of what the building could include

  • Office space for community-based organizations
  • Community meeting space
  • Workspace for non-MPD city programs
  • Off-street parking
rolled up construction drawings


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