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We share the community feedback we received for the 3rd Precinct Building location.
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Background on community feedback 

The City of Minneapolis worked with DeYoung Consulting Services to run a series of public meetings and an online survey. We engaged the community to help decide on a new location for the 3rd Precinct Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) building. The building was damaged during the uprising following George Floyd’s murder on May 25, 2020. 

Public meetings

In April 2023, we held:

  • 5 community-wide conversations. 
  • 8 curated community conversations.

All meetings were open to the public. We held the community-wide meetings throughout the 3rd Precinct area.

The curated community conversations were meetings with under-represented communities such as:

  • Seniors
  • American Indian
  • Southeast Asian
  • Latino
  • East African
  • African American




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Community response on site locations

Site decision

Strong themes in the community responses

  • Rebuild on the current site (3000 Minnehaha) due to the lower cost and faster timeline to complete.
  • Build on the new site (2600 Minnehaha) to move away from the trauma of the old site and start fresh.
  • No precinct building. Spend money for police reform and focus on community-led safety.
  • Neither site. Move the precinct further away from the neighborhood where immediate trauma occurred.
  • Use the current precinct site for something else, such as a:
    • Memorial to George Floyd and other police brutality victims.
    • Community center.
    • Green space.

Survey response overview

The survey received 2,412 responses from people who live, work or visit the 3rd Precinct area. They chose a preferred building location. There are approximately 139,000 residents in the 3rd Precinct area. Given limits within the survey, we reviewed survey results with care.

  • 66% (1,591 responses) preferred the current location for the 3rd Precinct building (3000 Minnehaha Ave).
  • 34% (821 responses) preferred the new location for the 3rd Precinct building (2600 Minnehaha Ave).

Preference for no building

There were also 377 responses from people who live, work, or visit the 3rd Precinct area who choose a location. In the comments, they stated that they actually preferred no building or location.

The survey was not designed to capture this alternative option. These responses are not included in the 2,412 total responses from above. 

Community impact and perceptions

Community impact of George Floyd’s murder and resulting unrest

Community members described feeling as though the MPD response to the uprising escalated the situation. In the years following, the limited police response to the area has left people feeling unsafe and ignored. They also feel that the City should have done more to help neighborhoods recover. 

Community responses to the engagement process

Many felt skeptical about the engagement process and lack trust for the City and MPD. There was also concern about the survey and the lack of options in it. Many want restorative justice to be a higher priority than a new police building. 

Community perception of MPD

Community members described feeling frustrated with MPD and how they were treated.

Solutions to public safety issues

The need for police reform was a strong theme. Many people expressed a desire for police to build trust within the community. 

Many also felt the City should reimagine the policing role by adding:

  • Mental health services. 
  • Crisis response teams.

Unique perspectives from BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community curated conversations

Many want a police presence to feel safe and improve response time. They also fear racial profiling and would like to spend money in other ways to improve the community.

Next steps

Next steps

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