Minneapolis City Flag

Learn about the official flag of the City.

Design of the flag

In 1955, City Council held a contest to design a new flag. The goal was to "select the most appropriate and practical design for a City flag which would harmonize with state and national flags and symbolize the interests and characteristics of the City of Minneapolis."

Many entries were received. The design submitted by Minneapolis resident, and high school student, Louise Sundin was selected as the winner. For her design, she was awarded a $250 U.S. Savings Bond.

On May 27, 1955, City Council unanimously adopted the design and officially designated it the City of Minneapolis flag. The design of the flag and its symbols are described in the resolution that was adopted:

A royal blue pennant on a white field or background with a white circle on a blue pennant divided by four parts; each of the four parts of the circle containing a symbol:

  • A building symbolizing education and the arts
  • A cogged wheel and square symbolizing labor and industry
  • A pilot wheel symbolizing our lakes and rivers and all activities identified with them
  • A microscope symbolizing research, skilled craftsmanship and progress

All of these symbols combined point out the beauty, harmony and brilliant future of our City.