When to call

Call us if you're experiencing an emergency.

When to call 911

Call 911 for anything that requires emergency services.

  • Call to report issues that require a police officer at the scene (for example: assaults, burglaries, kidnapping, domestic disputes)
  • Call to report a crime that is in progress
  • Call to report suspicious criminal activity that you witness (for example: sounds of shots fired, cries for help, if you see someone carrying items from a house)

If you need an ambulance or the Fire Department to respond, call 911 immediately!

Do not call your local police precinct if you need a response, all police dispatching is done through 911.

When not to call 911

  • Do not call for directions
  • Do not call for legal advice
  • Do not call for non-emergency information about animal control issues
  • Do not call to find out if someone is in jail. See Hennepin County Sheriff Jail Roster or call 612-348-5112.
  • Do not call if you do not need police, fire, or an ambulance to respond.

Report certain non-emergency crimes online or contact 311 if they have not just occurred.

911 Department

If you need Police, Fire, Medical or BCR to respond to your location, call 911.

To request Police, Fire, Medical or BCR response to a non-emergency situation, call 612-348-2345

General and non-emergency questions

911 Department