City goals

Every four years we adopt goals and priorities to guide the City’s work. Our current goals are part of a Strategic and Racial Equity Plan.


The Strategic and Racial Equity Action Plan sets a direction for the future of the City. It provides a common focus and gives direction to City leaders in the development of their plans and activities.

Minneapolis is doing this to ensure racial equity goals are included in all city initiatives. Our ultimate purpose is to improve outcomes for all residents through standards in the way we work and deliver services.

Building on previous goals and priorities, the Mayor and Council adopted the vision and values on April 6, 2019. Learn more about:


Minneapolis is an intentionally compassionate city where each of us can reach our full potential while caring for one another, eliminating racial disparities, improving our environment and promoting social well-being. We lead in innovative and creative ways, focused not only on our present needs, but also the success of future generations.


Our City government takes strategic action to address climate change, dismantle institutional injustice and close disparities in health, housing, public safety and economic opportunities. In partnership with residents, City leaders help to ensure all communities thrive in a safe and healthy city.


  • Equity: City government works side-by-side with community members to engage all voices, creatively problem solve, and build trust, particularly with those who have been most impacted by inequities. This helps to ensure that opportunities are accessible to everyone.
  • Safety: People have a strong sense of security and can live peacefully in safe neighborhoods, knowing that City government is accountable for responsive and proactive public safety services.
  • Excellence: To achieve the best outcomes and the highest quality service, we are forward-thinking and exhibit competence, professionalism, and integrity, and strive for personal growth.
  • Welcoming: All individuals are welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity or place of origin, gender identity or religious affiliation. This enhances Minneapolis’ cultural fabric, economic growth, global competitiveness and overall prosperity for current and future generations.
  • Stewardship: We serve as trusted stewards of financial, environmental, social, and physical resources, recognizing that resources are for the common good today and tomorrow. We seek solutions that reflect our long-term commitment to end suffering in our city.
  • Transparency: People can trust City government and hold them accountable for making and communicating decisions grounded in accurate information and integrity. We build credibility by accepting feedback, owning our actions, and providing reliable follow-through.
  • Health: To achieve physical, emotional and mental health, we all work to ensure equitable access to healthy food, recreational opportunities, natural amenities, positive youth development, and walkable neighborhoods.

Minneapolis Goals

Public Safety: The City prioritizes collaborative and community-inclusive strategies to ensure safety for all members of our community.

Housing: The City prioritizes equitable access to safe, stable, accessible, and affordable housing to eliminate racial disparities in housing.

Economic Development: The City prioritizes economic inclusion so that all workers and families are supported and People of Color, Indigenous and Immigrant (POCII)-owned businesses in all sectors can thrive.

Public Services: The City prioritizes reliable and equitable access to high-quality public services.

Environmental Justice: The City prioritizes sustainable practices and renewable resources to equitably address climate change while restoring and protecting our soil, water and air.

Built Environment & Transportation: The City prioritizes high quality neighborhoods, streets, infrastructure and equitable access to multimodal transportation in all parts of the City through thoughtful planning and design.

Public Health: The City prioritizes positive youth development so that all children can grow healthy and safe.

Arts and Culture: The City prioritizes arts and culture as an important part of inclusive economic development and placemaking in our communities.

Operational Goals

Spend diversity: Increase the percent count of, and spend with, racially and ethnically diverse for-profit suppliers across all departments.

Racially disaggregated data: Improve the use of racially disaggregated data for decision-making in the legislative process.

Community Engagement: Improve the capacity of appointed boards and commissions (ABCs) to advance the City's racial equity work.

Workforce: Increase the hiring and retention of People of Color and Indigenous People in the City’s workforce.

2020 Priorities

Housing: The City will operationalize a strategy to reduce evictions among communities of color so that disparities are eliminated between People of Color, Indigenous, Immigrant communities and white people.

Economic Inclusion: The City will operationalize a strategy to increase the number of businesses owned by people of color so that the disparity between People of Color, Indigenous, Immigrant communities and white people is eliminated.

Public Safety: The City will operationalize a strategy to eliminate the disproportionate impact of violence in People of Color, Indigenous, Immigrant communities.