Work Group process

See the process the Work Group followed when developing their recommendations.


The Work Group met seven times in December and January for two to three hours each time. During those meetings, they:

  • Reviewed the charges of Mayor Frey
  • Created principles for our work
  • Reviewed the Charter Commission research on Charter Amendment 184
  • Reviewed the amendment to the City Charter
  • Reviewed alternative ways of structuring the city organization based on six cities
  • Interviewed the key person (one former) in three cities (Duluth, Saint Paul and San Diego) with executive mayors
  • Created best practices and a matrix for city government restructuring
  • Developed three alternative options for structuring Minneapolis City Government

The Work Group found that there are many subtleties in how cities organize. These subtleties need to match the uniqueness of Minneapolis city government. What works for another jurisdiction may not work for Minneapolis. However, there are some core principles like clarity of roles, responsiveness, proper delegation of duties, professionalism, and accountability that are applicable to Minneapolis.

The Work Group found that while the amendment provided a framework, changes in both the City Charter and Code of Ordinances will be required for the new government structure.

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