Word meanings

We tell you what we mean when we refer to a bidder, supplier, payee, event and more.

eSupplier users

An account user is anyone at your business who helps maintain your eSupplier account. You can have multiple users.

There are four types of accounts.

  • Bidder - A business that has an eSupplier account but has never been awarded a contract. By having an account, you are able to bid on City on an event.
  • Supplier or vendor - A business that has been awarded at least one City contract. Suppliers can also bid on City events.
  • Payee - Someone who sets up an eSupplier account so they can get paid by the City for doing things like being a sporting event referee. Payees do not bid on events. 

Bidding terms

Bid - A document that details the specifications of a commodity or construction purchase the City wants to make. The bidder submits a bid with their price proposal.

Bid package - A package of documents that explains what the goods or services the City needs and how to submit a bid.

Call for Bids (CFB) - A document that we may attach to a commodities event. The RFP outlines the details of our request.

Category or sourcing category - The types of goods, supplies and services the City wants to buy or rent

Commodities - Basic goods and materials, like bricks or pencils; not services

Contract opportunity - An opportunity to do business with the City

Event - A posting that lets you know about specific goods or services the City wants to buy

Event invitation - An email inviting you to bid on an event

Formal event - Bids or RFPs for contracts over $175,000.

Informal event - Bids or RFPs for contracts up to $175,000.

Request for Proposal (RFP) - The RFP is a document that outlines the professional services work we need done. The vendor submits a proposal explaining how they will do the work and how much they will charge.


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