MPLS Parking mobile app switching to new provider Sunday, April 16

April 14, 2023

Users of the current app need to download the new MPLS Parking app for on-street parking Sunday, April 16. The City has contracted with Flowbird, a new provider of this service. The MPLS Parking app allows customers to pay for on-street parking time without going to a pay station.

When downloading the new app, some information will automatically transfer for existing app users, but they will be prompted to create a new password and to enter updated payment information. The City encourages people to contact 311 if they encounter issues with the new app. Customers can also pay for metered parking at pay stations. 

After creating a profile and entering payment information, MPLS Parking app users can quickly complete payments by entering their parking space number into the app and selecting how long they plan to be parked. Users can conveniently add time to their parking session from their mobile device up to the time limit for their parking space. The MPLS Parking app can be set up to send email or text message notifications when a parking session is about to expire.

Features in the new MPLS Parking app include a web browser version of the app, a convenient map view of metered parking areas, and an enhanced display of rates and time limits when a parking space is selected. Fleet accounts will now also be available for organizations with multiple users.

As of Sunday April 16, the MPLS Parking app will no longer work for the municipal off-street parking system. For those that have previously used the app in the past for reservations or zone parking, please refer to for options. 

More information about MPLS Parking app is available at