Look up housing and commercial building 311 requests online

May 27, 2022

Easily look up housing and commercial condition 311 complaints online with any device. Search by address to find any recent calls and any resolved in the last year. This makes it easier to follow up on your own complaints, to find information on a place you’re thinking about renting or buying, or to find the status of a complaint on a place you own.

If we found an issue at the property, you can see the specific violation name and date, for example:

  • Trash, overgrown vegetation.
  • Broken windows.
  • Fire safety issues.
  • Condition inside a rental property: utilities, safety concerns, code violations, etc.

The tool will also give you a link to see the address on our comprehensive violations dashboard. Use this to find more information on orders at the property.

Before, this information was in different places and people had to call 311 back and potentially call an inspector. Now anyone can see the complaint, the status of the complaint and the result in one place.

Go directly to the tool online. You can also find it among DataSource tools on the City website.