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Standard Specifications & Detail Plates

These specifications and standard detail plates are specific to the City of Minneapolis’s construction and design requirements and are intended to be used by contractors, consultants and City Divisions for plan & specification preparation as well as for construction of public infrastructure projects located in the right of way. Mn/DOT Standard Specifications for Construction 2005 Edition will apply except where modified or amended by the City of Minneapolis.

Standard Supplemental Specifications for the Construction of Public Infrastructure

Mn/DOT Standard Specifications for Construction

Required Software & Disclaimer

Standard Detail Plates

The Standard Plates Manual contains a set of drawings developed by the City of Minneapolis Public Works Department, showing standard details of construction and materials. The plates that apply to a construction project are referenced in the plans as shown below in the Plate Numbering Key.

Minnesota Right of Way Restoration Rules and Plates

Mn/DOT Standard Plates

ROAD Roadway
SEWR Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer
SPCL Special Service Districts
TRAF Traffic

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