Ventura Village

Location and General Characteristics

Ventura Village, located south of downtown, used to be part of the Phillips neighborhood. It became a separate neighborhood on May 9, 2002, when the Minneapolis City Council approved its boundaries. Interstate 35 forms the western and northern boundaries, with Interstate 94 also on the north. On the south, the boundary follows Hiawatha Avenue, 22 nd Street East, 17 th Avenue South, 24 th Street East and Chicago Avenue. On the east, it includes the industrial area west of Hiawatha Avenue.

For a good start, the neighborhood took its name from a Spanish word meaning happiness or luck.

Statistical information on Ventura Village is shown as part of the Phillips neighborhood profile.

The Ancient Traders Market in Ventura Village reminds us of the strong presence of American Indians in the neighborhood. It features a café and American Indian-oriented shops on the street level and office space on the second floor. It was part of the successful renovation of Franklin Avenue, which until recently was considered one of the most unsafe areas in the city.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011