Scooter rental companies

Our scooter rental vendors are Lime and Veo.

Legal history of scooters in Minnesota

Motorized foot scooters are legal in Minnesota.

Cities across the country take different approaches to regulating the scooter rental companies. For example, some impound scooters and fine companies who fail to follow city rules. Each city or agency may have different scooter rules.

Minneapolis scooter ordinance

Minneapolis passed an ordinance to regulate scooters on our streets and sidewalks.

The ordinance requires scooter rental companies to:

  1. Enter into a written agreement with the city
  2. Follow specific conditions to help keep streets and sidewalks safe and orderly

How we manage scooter rentals

Our scooter sharing ordinance requires

  • Scooter sharing networks to have a license agreement with the City
  • They must follow rules for parking and in the right of way
  • State law already manages how low power vehicles (like scooters) operate in the street

City regulations intend to welcome new transportation options like motorized foot scooters. We still need networks to operate in an organized manner consistent with City rules.

The ordinance and license agreement provides specific guidance to 1) scooter companies and 2) the public on local rules for scooter sharing in the public right of way. This includes on City sidewalks.

The City has the right to remove scooters that are

  • Unattended
  • Blocking traffic or public infrastructure
  • Compromising public safety

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