Snow emergency updates

We explain many ways to stay up to date on snow emergencies.

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Why you need to know

If you live, work or travel in Minneapolis, you're expected to know the winter rules of the road. If it's been snowing a lot, check to see if the City has declared a snow emergency. We suggest getting information about snow emergencies in more than one way. There's a few ways you can sign up for alerts and many ways to check.

Once we declare a snow emergency, you're expected to follow the rules.

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See snow emergency parking rules

About snow emergency alerts

In this video, we explain Minneapolis snow emergency alerts.

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Ways to stay up to date

Stay up to date

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There are many ways to find out if the City declares a snow emergency. 

Snow emergency alerts

We recommend signing up for at least two types of alerts.

Manage your subscriptions

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Types of alerts

The City uses Smart911 to send important information to residents during an emergency. This includes snow emergencies. You can choose to receive Smart911 alerts by:

  •  Text messages
  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Push notifications in the Smart911 mobile app

How alerts work

  • When we declare a snow emergency, we send an e-mail, text message or automated phone call to those who sign up for alerts.
  • We cannot guarantee that you'll receive a message, so it's important to check our website or call the snow emergency hotline whenever snow falls and you think a snow emergency is likely.
  • You must follow snow emergency parking rules, even if you do not receive a snow emergency alert.

Social media

Like or follow us and you’ll receive snow emergency alerts right on your news feeds.

Snow emergency app

With the Minneapolis snow emergency rules app, it's easy to:

  • Know when a snow emergency is in effect.
  • Look up parking rules.
  • Stay up to date through social media, email, text and more.

Download the app

Snow emergency app guide

If you need help installing the app or are having issues with the app: 

See the Snow Emergency app guide

Snow emergency hotline

Call 612-348-SNOW (7669) to find out if a snow emergency has been declared and hear the parking rules.

Spanish, Somali and Hmong languages are available on the hotline. TTY callers can use the MN Relay Service or call the TTY number.

Minneapolis City Council TV

Minneapolis City Council TV will air information during a snow emergency. 

  • Comcast: SD channel 14 or HD channel 799
  • CenturyLink: SD channel 8001 or HD channel 8501

Contact us

Minneapolis 311


7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Monday – Friday

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