Morris Park's average household size decreased between 1980 and 2000, while Minneapolis' average slightly increased.

The household composition in Morris Park changed substantially between 1980 and 2000. Family households, which accounted for 75 percent of all households in 1980, dropped to 65 percent in 2000. Meanwhile, householders living alone rose from 20 percent in 1980 to 27 percent in 2000. Households of people who live alone and are under the age of 65 doubled during this period to 16 percent of all households in 2000.

Morris Park's percentage of householders living alone was well below the city's in 1980. Between 1980 and 2000 the figure for the neighborhood jumped from 20 percent to 34 percent while Minneapolis' percentage increased a modest 2 percent.

The percentage of seniors living alone in Morris Park was well below the city level in 1980. The neighborhood's percentage increased in the subsequent census years while Minneapolis' decreased a little. The last census report shows the percentage of seniors only slightly lower in Morris Park than in Minneapolis.

Between 1980 and 2000, Morris Park and Minneapolis followed opposite trends in their percentages of families with children. The neighborhood, which had a slightly larger number of families with children in 1980, saw this figure decline in 1990 and 2000 while Minneapolis' percentage increased. In 2000, 41 percent of Morris Park families had children under 18 compared to 50 percent in Minneapolis.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011