Location and General Characteristics

Lynnhurst neighborhood is located in southwest Minneapolis at the southern edge of Lake Harriet. Minnehaha Creek runs from north to southeast, bisecting the neighborhood. Lynnhurst extends from Lyndale Avenue to Penn Avenue and from 46 th Street to 54 th Street. It gets its name from a neighborhood park, located at the intersection of West 50th Street and West Minnehaha Parkway. The park was named for its location in the Lynnhurst Planning District, which was most likely named for the abundance of linden trees in the area. The park's name was adopted in 1921, the same year the 8.21 acres of parkland were purchased. Lynnhurst is a residential neighborhood with most of its housing stock built before 1940.

Lynnhurst Park is in a district with a great quantity of linden trees

Last updated Sep 27, 2011