Location and General Characteristics

It is likely that Kenwood got its name from the company that developed the 95-acre subdivision that became the neighborhood. The developer chose a convenient location to attract discriminating residents. Located on Minneapolis' west side, the neighborhood's boundaries are defined by Cedar Lake Park on the west and north, Kenwood Parkway on the north, West Lake of the Isles on the east, and Kenilworth Place and Lake of the Isles to the south. Kenwood shares Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake with Cedar-Isles-Dean neighborhood. The neighborhood contains many open spaces including these two lakes, trails, parks and playgrounds. Cedar Lake Trail parallels the Burlington Northern tracks on the north. Kenilworth Trail runs from north to south and is part of the Chain of Lakes byway. The Kenwood trail ends at the Grand Rounds trail that partly follows the shores of Lake of the Isles. Kenwood's parks attract skaters in winter, and walkers and joggers use the nearly three miles of trails around Lake of the Isles year-round.

Kenwood is notable for its large Mediterranean, colonial, and arts and crafts homes, many of which face Lake of the Isles.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011