Location and general characteristics

Bottineau neighborhood is located in northeast Minneapolis. It is bordered by the Mississippi River on the west and University Avenue to the east. Lowry Avenue NE is the northern extent of the neighborhood, which runs to 16 th/17 th avenues NE in the south. This small neighborhood is named after the legendary pioneer, explorer and leader Pierre Bottineau who bought land here in 1845. Bottineau neighborhood has a rich history with the large number of ethnic groups that have settled in this area over the years. Today the community has a population of 1,254 people and is a destination for many artists to live and work. Bottineau has a nice mix of amenities including a large park, a library, and its close proximity to downtown.

The Northeast Arts Association occupies a former industrial building converted in 1991 to house art studios. Today, about 70 artists work in the building, and a café and restaurant are open to the public.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011