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Youth Violence Prevention

Resources and Current Research


California Teens Make Video to Respond to Newtown Tragedy
In a 60-second video 33 California young people say more guns are not the answer to keeping schools safe. "Don't lock down our schools," said one teenager in the video. "A solid plan doesn't begin and end with who has access to guns and how many police officers we have," said David Valdez, Director of the Youth Institute at the Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA, who helped coordinate production of the video.

Violence prevention: the evidence 
Excellent resources from the World Health Organization. An eight-part series of briefings on the evidence of interventions to prevent violence. Clear directions for how violence prevention funders, policy makers and program implementers can boost the impact of their violence prevention efforts.

The Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tackles the issue of violence prevention through its Injury Center. This website considers violence from a public health standpoint, and includes other forms of violence as well.

Links Between Violence and Chronic Diseases, Mental Illness and Poor Learning
These UNITY Fact Sheets are published by the Prevention Institute. The City of Minneapolis is a network partner with UNITY.

VETO Violence! Help Stop Violence Before It Happens....
Check out these great interactive tutorials and videos on youth violence! 


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Last updated Apr 16, 2015