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Public Health Advisory Committee
Description and Positions

PHAC Overview

The Public Health Advisory Committee is a standing advisory committee to the Minneapolis Health Department and the Minneapolis City Council and has been in existence through resolution since 1976 in accordance with the provisions of the Community Health Services Act (Minn. Laws 1976, Ch. 9)

Role of the PHAC

The role of the PHAC is to advise the City Council and the Department on policy matters affecting the health of Minneapolis residents, and to serve as liaisons between the City and the community in addressing health concerns.  In this role PHAC shall make every effort to ensure that the concerns represented reflect the diverse viewpoints and interests of the Minneapolis community.

Committee Functions

The PHAC has responsibility for the following functions:

Committee Composition

It is the clear intent that the composition of the PHAC reflects the diverse interests and perspectives of the Minneapolis community. It is expected that all parties responsible for the recruitment, recommendations to and approval of members shall make every effort to ensure the realization of this intent.

The PHAC will have up to twenty-two (22) members composed of fourteen (14) Resident Members, up to six (6) Other Representative Members.  Two (2) ex-officio non-voting representatives may join the committee as needed.  Members will not be compensated for service on the PHAC.

  1. Resident Member appointments
    The Resident Members will be selected by having each of the thirteen (13) City Council Members appoint one (1) Resident Member who lives or works in their respective wards; one (1) Resident Member who lives or works in the City of Minneapolis shall be appointed by the Mayor.  These Resident Member appointments and terms are subject to Minneapolis Code of Ordinances Title 2 Chapter 14.180.  No public hearing is required for Resident Member appointments.
  2. Representative Member appointments
    Representative Member appointments pursuant to this subsection C.2. will not be made pursuant to the open appointments process of Minneapolis Code of Ordinances Title 2 Chapter 14.180 and no public hearing is required for these appointments.

Member Terms, Committee Structure, Meeting Frequency

Member Duties

Relationship between the PHAC, City Council, and Minneapolis Health Department

Committee records including past minutes, agendas, meeting materials, and annual reports may be found on the Minneapolis Health Department website:

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