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Smoke-Free Environments

The Minneapolis Health Department (MHD) is working with multi-unit housing sites throughout Minneapolis to create healthier environments through two projects:

Healthy Housing, Healthy Communities

Partnerships are developed with residents and property management through targeted community-based outreach at housing properties. This initiative works with 7 housing sites, serving approximately 8,500 residents, to implement projects that will:

Progress to Date

Smoke-Free Policy Initiative

MHD is also working with additional multi-unit housing sites to develop and implement building-wide smoke-free policies. This initiative supports housing sites through the following key action steps:

Progress to Date

Project Partner

Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota - Live Smoke Free


Visual Assessment of Multi-Unit Housing Properties (xls)

Community Food Assessment Map - North Minneapolis  South Minneapolis

Tenant Letter and Survey on Smoke-free Policies

Program Contact

Lara Pratt, MPH
Phone: (612) 673-3815

Last updated Dec. 5, 2013