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Connecting Cultural Communities to Urban
Agriculture and Gardening

Seed Distribution Day
Minneapolis residents who join the Local Food Resource Hubs Network receive free seeds and seedlings as well as access to a gardening tool lending library and food preservation equipment.


Intervention Description:

In 2011, the Minneapolis Health Department (MHD) partnered with Gardening Matters to create the Local Food Resource Hubs Network (Hubs Network). These neighborhood-based Hubs were designed to help community members connect to existing gardening and urban agricultural resources to help them grow, consume, and preserve more of their own healthy food. Hubs members receive free seeds and seedlings, access to gardening tools and educational classes, as well as connections to other community members who share an interest in healthy, locally grown foods.

Despite the initial success of the Hubs Network, the membership was not truly representative of the diversity found within Minneapolis. With support from MHDs Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP), Gardening Matters selected three community based organizations to serve as “cultural liaisons” to help connect members of the African American, Latino, and Southeast Asian communities to gardening and urban agriculture activities as well as the Hubs Network and its related resources. The goal of this effort is to ensure that all interested community members have access to the resources they need to grow, eat, and preserve healthy fresh foods for themselves and their family.

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Last updated Nov. 15, 2013