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Minneapolis Charter + Alternative Schools

Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities Project

Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities is a two-year project that supports Minneapolis charter and alternative schools in revitalizing their current wellness policies and nutrition and physical activity practices to promote optimal student health and learning.

We are partnering with Minneapolis charter and alternative schools and using evidence-based strategies to create changes in policies, systems and environments that support healthy behaviors in schools. Our work involves:

Progress to Date:

We are partnering with 22 schools from across Minneapolis and reaching approximately 3,000 students. Our school partners are:

Augsburg Fairview Academy

Bright Water Montessori

El Colegio

Four Directions

Friendship Academy

Heritage Academy

Long Tieng Academy

Minnesota Transitions School (MTS) Elementary

MTS Middle

MTS High

MTS Banaadir Academy

MTS P.E.A.S.E Academy

MTS MIA Academy

PYC Art and Technology

Richard Allen Math and Science Academy

Southside Family Charter


VOA Opportunity High


WISE Charter

Yinghua Academy

Program Contact

Sarah Reuben, MA
Project Specialist

Phone: (612) 673-2672


Workbook for Developing a Local School Wellness Policy (pdf)

Last updated Oct 23, 2013