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**Fare for All program

The Emergency Food Shelf Network offers a "Fare For All" program that is community supported and open to everyone, regardless of income level. The more people who participate, the better! Fare For All buys high quality fruits, vegetables, and frozen meats in bulk to save customers up to 40% off retail prices. Fare For All packages are sold at over 23 locations throughout the Metro area including 3 Minneapolis locations (Shiloh Temple on the Northside, Sprinkler Fitters Union Hall in Northeast, and Holy Trinity Church on the Southside). Customers order their food packages and pay on-site using cash, credit, debit, or EBT. Visit www.fareforall.org or call 763-450-3880 to learn more.

**Food Shelf Resource Guide

The Food Shelf Resource Guide separates Minneapolis into 5 zones and lists key food shelves, farmers markets, and community gardens in each area. Food shelves can use this document to help identify potential entities with which to partner in order to share resources and procure healthy, fresh produce on a regular basis throughout the growing season. If you would like help connecting with a food shelf, farmers market, or community garden near your organization, please contact SHIP@minneapolismn.gov.

**Healthy Food Handling and Merchandising training for food shelf managers

**Minnesota Project's Garden Gleaning Toolkit for food shelves and gardeners

**Introduction to Healthy Food Policies (PowerPoint)

**Healthy Foods Policies

Food shelves are encouraged to develop a healthy foods policy to guide decision-making around food procurement, donations, and distribution. The resources below (developed in partnership with the Emergency Food Shelf Network, the City of Bloomington Public Health Department, and the Phillips Community Healthy Living Initiative) provide a step-by-step process for developing and implementing a policy within your organization.


Last updated Mar. 24, 2014