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Training & Certifications

The state of Minnesota requires certain businesses to have a properly trained and certified individuals in place prior to opening and at all times thereafter. Following are the type of businesses that must have an officially trained individuals with state recognized certifications:

Food Manager Certification

The City of Minneapolis recognizes only Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Food Manager Certificates. In Minneapolis, establishments that are required to have a certified food manager must have an MDH certified food manager in place prior to opening and at all times thereafter. Food Manager and other training opportunities, course materials and exams are available in several languages, and at several locations in the metro area.

For food manager certification requirements, application forms, and resources for training, visit Minnesota Department of Health's Food Manager Certification website or (651) 201-4500.

Food Handler's Course

This popular two-hour course offered by the University of Minnesota Extension Services and other local schools is designed to inform and train food handlers about safe food handling in an interactive "show ‘n tell" format. How to reduce or eliminate food handling risks are emphasized. This class brings the frontline staff and others interested in food safety into fuller awareness of safe food handling practices.

Topics covered in the course include personal hygiene, handwashing information and a handwashing exercise; prevention of foodborne illness through time and temperature compliance; protecting food from cross-contamination; and maintaining a clean and safe workplace.

NOTE: This class does not count as the Certified Food Manager course or re-certification. See Certified Food Managers information .

Last updated Sep 25, 2015