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Permits for Civic Events and Community Celebrations

The City of Minneapolis requires permits and approvals for all public events involving the sale or giving away of foods and beverages or the provision of tattoo and body piercing services. The Food, Lodging & Pools program is responsible for regulating, inspecting and issuing permits for all events.

Event Sponsors

Before a civic event can be held in Minneapolis, the individual or organization planning or hosting that event must complete and submit an Event Sponsor Application  

Event Food Vendors

All vendors planning to sell or dispense food or beverages at public events in Minneapolis must have permits and approval from the Food, Lodging & Pools program prior to the start of the event. Any vendor found selling or dispensing food or beverage without a permit would be considered an illegal vendor and fined.

There are permits available for individuals or organizations planning to sell or dispense food and/or beverages at public events:

Body Art Events

There are two types of temporary Body Art events:

All participating body artists must be licensed or permitted by the State of Minnesota prior to the event and must show proof of license or permit to the Minneapolis Food, Lodging & Pools program.

The event sponsor must obtain a "Sponsor of Temporary Tattooing/Piercing Event" license and assumes responsibility in ensuring that the event is in compliance and that the participating artists have obtained proper licensure and will be operating within the regulations and event guidelines.



Last updated Aug 20, 2014