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Bed Bugs - Information, Prevention, and Control

Bed Bugs Baby to Adult
Did you know?  Bed bugs go through 5 stages of molting before becoming adults. One indicator of bed bug infestation is the presence of bed bug skin molts. The two bed bugs on the right are adults.

The presence of bed bugs in a rental unit is a housing code violation. Click here to report a possible violation.

Calls to exterminators about bed bugs have increased 57% nationwide since 2005 according to the University of Kentucky and National Pest Management Association. The Minneapolis Health Department is working to promote bed bug prevention and awareness in Minneapolis. 

Bed Bugs - General Information - Discover the FAQ's on bed bugs

Bed Bugs - Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Prevention and Control videos - These videos show what you can do to reduce the severity of a bed bug infestation if you cannot afford a pest management professional. The videos are also available in Hmong, Somali, Spanish and Karen. Here are some of the do-it-yourself (DIY) materials you'll need:

-  A roll of sticky tape

- Vacuum cleaner

- Thin card (e.g. old credit card or bus card)

- Plastic bags of various kinds

- Hot soapy water

- Bed bug mattress encasements

- A flashlight

- Bed bug intercept traps

- Access to a washing machine





Last updated Aug 20, 2015