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New Precinct and Polling Place for Ward 5


Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services has added one precinct in Ward 5, effective beginning with the August 12, 2014 primary election.  The new precinct has been created out of the existing 5-6C precinct.  See the map below for the border of the new precinct.


The Elections Division is hopeful that the addition of this precinct will help improve the voter experience and reduce the potential for long voter lines in the Harrison and Sumner-Glenwood neighborhoods.  


If you live within the BLUE line below, your polling place has changed to:  HARRISON PARK RECREATION CENTER, 503 Irving Avenue North

 Harrison New Precinct


 Note: Voters in the remaining 5-6C precinct will continue voting at HERITAGE COMMONS AT POND’S EDGE, 350 Van White Memorial Blvd (if you live within the BLUE line below).

 Heritage New Precinct

Primary Election: Aug. 12, 2014   /  General Election: Nov. 4, 2014


Any questions can be directed to Minneapolis Elections by calling 311 (or 612-673-3000) or e-mailing


Last updated Jun 27, 2014