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Ward 3 Issues

Desegregating our City

As shown in the maps below, school segregation is on the rise. Dramatic segregation of our school system between 1995 and 2014. More than half of the elementary schools in Minneapolis and S. Paul are 80 percent people of color. Minneapolis was fully integrated in the 1980s but now well over a dozen schools are more than 80 percent people of color and at least two schools are almost entirely white. Desegregating our schools is one step in desegregating our city. One way to do this is by diversifying our neighborhood housing options, including promoting and encouraging affordable housing in areas that are more traditionally affluent. That is why are office is working on measures to increase the funding to the affordable housing trust fund and explore inclusionary zoning ordinances. Stay tuned for updates as we move these measures forward.

Increasing School Segregation Maps, MN Department of Education

Spotlight on Minneapolis Growth

As you walk around Third Ward neighborhoods you see it everywhere - development projects that will increase residential density and spur economic growth for Minneapolis. To keep you updated, we’ll be highlighting key projects in the Third Ward.


Mill City Quarter

The Cameron

 Superior Plating Lennar

A Mill

Last updated Sep 13, 2016