City of Minneapolis Enterprise Policy

Employees; Time Off To Vote

Type: Enterprise

Applies To: City Council Departments, Boards and Commissions

Synopsis: Minnesota law gives workers who are eligible to vote the right to be absent from work for the amount of time needed to appear at their polling place, cast a ballot and return to work. Employees who are not able or do not wish to vote before or after their regular work hours may vote during working hours. Time off for voting is granted without penalties or reductions in pay, personal leave, or vacation time.

History: 2000, Last Revised Date

Keywords: Time off, voting, elections

Related Link: Minnesota State Statute, 204C.04 Employees; Time Off to Vote.

Administering Department: City Clerk

Contacts: Grace Wachlarowicz, 612-673-2073

Last updated May 31, 2016