Sick Leave Donation Program

The Sick Leave Donation Program administers donations of accrued leave (vacation, compensatory time and sick leave) from donating employees to employees who have a serious medical condition that prevents them from working but do not have any accrued leave.


A City of Minneapolis City Council employee who has completed 1,044 hours is eligible to receive transfers of vacation, sick leave and/or compensatory time from other City Council employees where absences from work are required due to the serious illness or injury of one of the following people:

Employee’s eligible for workers compensation are not eligible for the Sick Leave Donation Program. Eligibility for transfers will be effective only after the applicant has used all accrued sick leave, vacation time and compensatory time. Nothing in this policy will be construed to limit or extend the maximum allowable absence under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Use of Donated Benefits



For questions regarding the Sick Leave Donation Program or Program webpage, Please contact the Program Coordinator at or (612) 673-3342.

Last updated Oct 1, 2015