Parking Meter Management Plan –on street parking

(including City vehicle parking at meters).

a) That appropriate City staff be directed to increase and maintain a high level of general parking meter enforcement by balancing personnel levels with enforcement required.

b) That staff be further directed to increase enforcement targeted at abuse of disability privileges by ineligible individuals:

c) Effective April 1, 2003, eliminate the current practice of all-day free parking at meters by operators of vehicles with disability license plates or certificates and continue to allow free use of one and two hour limit meters by eligible individuals with appropriate disability designations, subject to a maximum limit of four hours;

d) And approval of the following staff directions:

e) Increase the level of enforcement of the 30-minute limit provided for free commercial vehicle use(until noon) of the parking meters.

f) Eliminate the free use of parking meters by emergency service vehicles (unless responding to an actual incident) and city vehicles (unless by special permit);

Last updated Oct 21, 2011