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The City of Minneapolis Ethics Ordinance governs outside employment for City employees. The ordinance provides that an appointed local official or an employee shall obtain written permission from his or her department head before accepting outside employment or entering into a contract for services. In addition, appointed officials and employees shall not solicit or perform outside work during the official’s or employee’s hours of employment.


Council Approval: 03.21.2003

Effective: 03.21.2003

Last Revised: 07.25.2003

Policy Review Group Approval: Policy Review Group was not in existence in 2003

Key Words

Ethics; "outside employment"; "outside work"



Procedures and Forms

Supporting References

City of Minneapolis Ordinance, Ethics in Government

Administering Departments

Human Resources and the City Attorneys Office

  • Human Resources Director - (612) 673-2139
  • Citys Ethics Officer (612) 673-3230


Human Resources Generalists

Citys Ethics Officer located in the City Attorneys Office.

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